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Cleaner water,
cleaner earth

Fluid Dynamics water conditioners are scientifically proven to effectively treat hard water and prevent limescale, with no salt. Powered by Green & Clean Water Treatment Technology, our water conditioners are proven, cost-effective and kind to the environment. With potentially huge energy savings, plus low to no maintenance and power costs, our technology provides a fast and reliable return on investment. From residential projects to industrial and bespoke systems, we've been at the forefront of salt-free limescale prevention and treatment for almost 50 years.


end users




years in business

Clean, green and
since 1973

100% green & salt-free
Independently proven technology
Removes up to 100% of limescale
Reduces energy costs – fast ROI
15-year ‘pro-rata’ warranty & up to 20-year lifespan
1-year money money back guarantee
Zero consumables, power or maintenance
Retains healthy minerals in water
British engineered & manufactured
Distributed globally to over 50 countries


Total units sold by Fluid Dynamics since 1973

Let’s make the world a
cleaner, greener place

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