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Quality Vision

We are committed to providing our customers with best in class water treatment systems & technology that offer outstanding quality of construction and water treatment effectiveness.

Quality Mission

We are committed to becoming recognised as a world leader for the design, manufacture & supply of green and clean water treatment products that are proven, cost effective and will collectively help improve our global environmental footprint.

Our commitment to the above will be achieved by:


  • Ensuring customer requirements are understood and fully met
  • Maintaining open and honest relationships with customers
  • Using customer feedback to help improve our products and services
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of our business

Internal Systems

  • Operating effective & safe working practices
  • Innovating water treatment products that are clean and green
  • Ensuring the working environment is conducive to supplying quality products and services
  • Managing risks associated with effective quality management
  • Harnessing and protecting company knowledge
  • Ensuring employees are competent and trained
  • Ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and other applicable regulatory requirements
  • Setting quality objectives and targets and monitoring their achievements
  • Capturing and analysing performance information to facilitate continual improvement


  • Only using suppliers who share our commitment for customer satisfaction
  • Only using suppliers who meet our performance expectations

Paul Spencer
Chief Executive Officer
March 2023