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Benefits of using Limetron

Whole house treatment
Cost effective, proven and sustainable
Reduces limescale build-up in pipes, valves, pumps and heating elements
Prolongs the life of water using applications and heating systems
Environmentally friendly – reduces carbon emissions – green technology for the future
Strong & safe – manufactured using stainless steel – corrosion resistant
Easy to install – horizontally or vertically
Reduces energy consumption generating cost savings
10 year pro-rata warranty
Improves carbon footprint

Limetron applications

Whole house protection
Boilers & hot water systems
Power or electric showers
Washing machines
Instant water heaters
Fountains & water features

Limetron materials of construction

Stainless steel housing
Non-sacrificial catalytic semi precious alloy (lead free)
Green plastic sleeve – approved to UL 224 VW-1 & ROHS Compliant

Limetron life expectancy

Dependant on use, a minimum of 10 years service can be expected, however it is not uncommon for our conditioners to last between 15-25 years +

Limetron regulatory

WRAS: approval No. 1812309

Limetron pressure losses

Limetron data table

Limetron installation guide

Size matters – selecting the right conditioner is critical
Selecting the wrong size conditioner – including using a larger diameter than needed – can compromise water delivery and affect treatment quality
Conditioner size should be selected based on flow rate
In general applications where the flow rate is known to be low or there is relatively heavy scale build-up inside the pipe already.  In this instance, a conditioner 1 size smaller than the pipe diameter is recommended.



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