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Introducing the revitalised Fluid Dynamics International: the world’s leading manufacturer of water conditioners for limescale treatment. Our decades of experience in water treatment and commitment to innovation have propelled our growth to make us the fastest-growing water treatment company in our sector.

Since 1973, we’ve pioneered ‘green’ catalytic water treatment for limescale treatment. We manufacture our products from our leafy headquarters in Dorset, UK, and have distributed our scale prevention products globally for nearly 50 years, benefiting over 250,000 customers, including big names like Coca-Cola, Unilever, the US Airforce, Cambridge University, John Lewis, and Balfour Beatty. We have a rich history of innovation and continue to push the boundaries of water treatment.

While we’re immensely proud of our heritage, 2022 saw the rebirth of our brand that better reflects our global brand today and our future-focused ethos. The new look of Fluid Dynamics honours and respects our rich history while looking forward to the years of innovation we have ahead of us. We’re immensely proud of our reputation in the industry and what our name and brand stand for and are thrilled to share the refreshed brand with the world.

Our refreshed brand now embodies our shared values and culture while honouring our company's rich history. By integrating our acquisitions, we have created a cohesive identity that will fuel our ongoing growth, innovation, and brand loyalty efforts.

Matthew RhodesChief Operating Officer

Our growth has not gone unnoticed. Fluid Dynamics International has been recognized as the UK’s fastest-growing water treatment company in our sector, based on industry analysis carried out by Plimsoll, the market-leading industry analysts. Our current annual growth rate of nearly 200% is more than twice that of our nearest rival. We continue to grow with a commitment to innovation and look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the best possible solutions for their limescale treatment needs.

Our remarkable growth is a tribute to our exceptional team, products, and culture. While we take pride in this achievement, we recognize the importance of sustaining this momentum and driving further innovation.

Matthew RhodesChief Operating Officer

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, we were recognized for our exceptional exporting efforts and for being a top-performing larger small business by being nominated for two prestigious awards at the FSB Awards. These nominations recognize our team’s hard work and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation in the water treatment industry.

At Fluid Dynamics International, we’re proud of our past, but we’re focused on the future. Our refreshed brand and rapid growth are a testament to our commitment to serving our customers with the best possible solutions for effective, environmentally friendly scale prevention. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of water conditioning innovation, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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