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Whole-house limescale protection without chemicals

Longer-lasting appliances, and lower energy bills – zero hassle, zero maintenance.

Why is hard water
bad for my home?

When you live in a hard water area, those chalky scaly limescale deposits get everywhere, from kettles to shower screens and even the places you can’t see like the inner workings of your washing machine. Not only does limescale look unsightly, but it can also cause a multitude of problems around the whole house.  Our whole house water conditioners provide chemical-free, green protection against limescale build-up in hard water areas.

The consequences of untreated limescale

Unsightly, hard to clean deposits on kettles, shower screens and taps
Restricted water flow through scaled pipes – reducing water pressure
Increased energy usage of appliances such as boilers, washing machines and dishwashers
Damage to appliances – shortening lifespans and increasing maintenance costs

No chemicals, no maintenance,
no hassle

100% green & chemical-free – nothing added, nothing removed
Scientifically proven technology
Quick and easy installation
Zero maintenance – set it & forget it
Removes up to 100% of limescale
Reduces energy costs
15-year ‘pro-rata’ warranty & 25 year lifespan
Precision engineered and manufactured in Britain
Water retains healthy minerals
Prolongs the lifespan of water-using equipment such boilers

Residential treatments

Point-of-use treatments are one product dedicated to an appliance – from shower heads to boilers, coffee machines or dishwashers – the list is endless. Point-of-entry treatments provide a one-stop single water conditioning solution for the whole house.

Point of use products

Download our data sheets for more information on how our point of use products can be used in your residence.

Point of entry products

Our point-of-entry range provides a whole-house solution. Download our data sheets for full product specifications.

Say goodbye
to limescale

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